What Are Composite Doors

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Do You Know What are Composite Doors   When asked “do you know what composite doors are most people don’t know, they only know what they have been told and often ask for composite doors without better understanding. As a General rule there are typically 4 types of doors used in a modern British home,

New Derby Double Glazing Showroom Carrington Windows are undergoing a major refurbishment at our Derby Ascot Drive Branch, the focal point of this will be the opening of our brand-new Derby Double Glazing Showroom, showcasing  Conservatories, windows and doors at the ultra modern home improvements showroom, displaying some of the region’s most modern conservatories, orangeries and

Features of Upvc Window Nottingham

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  Stylish Upvc Window Nottingham from Carrington Windows In this article Carrington Windows will attempt to explain the features of Upvc Window Nottingham.  Here at  Carrington Windows we take pride when installing some of the most secure, stylish and energy performing upvc windows locally our range of uPVC windows are one of our most popular design

The Different Types Of Patio Doors

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Check Out These Different Types Of Patio Doors If you are looking to change your patio doors you need to consider the different types of patio doors that are available in the UK. The variety of patio door types can become very confusing, but when you consider the style of the doors and how they operate

What Are the Pros and Cons of Double Glazing In Leicester In this article Carrington Windows look at the pro’s and cons of Double Glazing in Leicester.  As we all know when you are looking at new windows you will almost certainly become bombarded with information telling you to use double glazing and PVC window frames.

Energy Efficient Wall Coating

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Cold House, we’ve got that covered A Carrington Windows Energy Efficient Wall Coating or façade coating can protect your buildings walls for many years. Is your home or work place cold? do you see signs of damp, penetrating the walls or climbing the walls then perhaps its time to book a free energy efficient wall

A Basic Guide To Double Glazed Windows

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Understanding Double Glazed Windows Most people know that they should have double glazed windows on their homes and doors, but not everyone is aware of why.  Before you buy new or replacement double glazed windows  you should understand why you need them and the benefits you.  To fully understand double glazing you need to know

Tips for Choosing Bifold Doors

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Top Tips for Choosing Bifold Doors Choosing the right bifold doors can be a daunting task as there are many options available.  It is important that you choose the right doors as it could be a costly mistake if you do not.  To make the choice a bit easier there are a number of tips

The Benefits of UPVC Windows

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Upgrading to uPVC Windows Upgrading to uPVC windows has become high on the list of home improvement projects home owners choose to have professionally undertaken when it’s time to start thinking about investing in your property. Upgrading windows and doors is generally the one of the first home improvement project on most peoples list. Top

Triple Glazing Whats all the Hype about?

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The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Triple Glazing Derby More and more homeowners in Derby are now considering triple glazing in a bid to improve the energy rating and warmth of their properties. Ultimately a better energy rating should make your property better insulated, quieter and easier to sell and with lower energy costs.  Typically Triple Glazing  windows